GIC’s new proprietary manufacturing process produces a faster responding electrically isolated thermocouple.  This innovative process is now available as an option on GIC thermocouple assemblies.  It can also be adapted to custom sensor designs for improved response time on.

When compared with standard ungrounded thermocouples of the same size and calibration, the new GIC faster response sensor constantly logged significantly faster response times.

The sensors were tested against standard grounded and ungrounded sensors in standardized still water tests.  Each test thermocouple was x-rayed for identical junction dimensions and location.  In-house testing results indicate an exceptional improvement in response times for ungrounded sensors produced with GIC’s proprietary new process.

These faster response sensors offer a long life and durability.  Extreme thermal shock cycle testing produced no alteration in performance.
GIC was asked by Detroit Edison Fermi II Nuclear Power Plant to develop a very fast responding EDG Bearing Thermocouple.  The design needed to be electrically isolated and still respond quickly to bearing temperature changes.  It had to be a non-coupling, spring-loaded for direct contact with robust design features to ensure reliable performance.

After several design changes and modifications, plus months of in-house and onsite testing while working closely with Fermi engineers, GIC was able to supply Detroit Edison with an incredibly responsive sensor that has far exceeded all response expectations.

Because there are other applications besides contacting bearing sensors that need a faster responding ungrounded sensor, GIC has adapted some of the manufacturing techniques from this new bearing sensor design and now offers a faster response option in a wide variety of thermocouple designs.  For more detailed information on these new sensors contact our sales engineers at 800-876-4442.
In testing now, RTD fast acting sensors. If you would like notification of when this option is available, please send us an e-mail to or give us a call at 800-876-4442.

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