Our Sales and Engineering staff have over 100 years of combined experience with the Power Generation industry.

Complete Line of Sensors:
GIC offers a full line of thermocouple and resistance temperature detectors (RTD’s), of all sizes and shapes, to meet your needs.

Fast Turnaround: 
Standard delivery of custom sensors in 2 – 3 weeks, Accelerated Delivery Service in as little as 1 - 2 business days, plus a large inventory of stock items available for same day delivery to meet your sensor needs.

Failure Analysis: 
Sensor problems?  GIC welcomes the opportunity to help you solve this problem.  Contact our office or, if possible, send us a sample of your failed sensor and we will work with you to develop a design that will give you improved performance. We’ve worked with Utility Industry Engineers to improve on sensor product reliability and quality enhancements for various turbine generators e.g. Frame 5, Frame 7 and Frame 7FA units throughout the Industry.  Power plants that once experienced a high percentage of costly sensor failures are now seeing few problems as a result of this Failure Analysis Program.
Popular GIC Sensor Styles Include:

Boiler Tube Thermocouples:  We believe that the cause of start-up product fall out is moisture trapped in the thermocouple. To assure product quality and avoid unnecessary “shut-downs” GIC takes extra steps to guarantee a quality product. We  X-ray 100% of the sensor junctions and weld caps to assure product integrity.  Also the probe tip and weld pads are weld pads are immersed in water for a minimum four hours to check for potential cracks in the sheath or weld. The transition is also subjected to a soak test to assure proper seal.  The sensor must then pass a 100 VDC meg check immediately after it is removed from the water. (ungrounded junctions only).

Turbine Test Thermocouple Sensors: Designed to meet the requirements of the ASME Power Test Code for steam and water temperature measurements on the Turbine Acceptance Tests the assembly provides accuracy ratings of +/- ½% for continuous readings to 1600F.

Babbitt Bearing Sensors: Have a planned shut down and want to replace those failed Babbitt bearing sensors – send us the bearing plate and we will retro fit the bearings with new & improved, high quality temperature sensors manufactured by GIC, and turn them around faster than you can get the paperwork through!

Hard to find Replacement Sensors:  GIC can duplicate almost any sensor.  When our Power Generator customers send us the discontinued or imported sensor to match, we make and take the extra effort to provide the style sensor you require.

Many Others…
Unsurpassed Quality Control:  Our fully trained manufacturing personnel follow blue prints; utilize written quality and assembly procedures; providing raw material traceability requirements, in-process and final inspection audits to meet the quality demands of your sensors.

Testing and Soaking at Process Temperatures Available:  Since many sensors can test fine at low temperature but fail when the boiler or turbine gets to full temperature.  GIC can now offer an optional extended period process soak test at temperatures up to 2000 ºF.  The sensor data is recorded and reviewed to make certain that there are no intermittent failures during testing.

In-house X-Ray Equipment:   Allows us to examine and evaluate your sensor, before the design process begins, through the in-process and final quality assurance inspection process.

Complete Machining Facility: Allows our engineers the capacity to design and machine or duplicate existing hardware, from prototype to full production to the tightest dimensional tolerance of your application.

In-house Water Jet Cutting:  Our waterjet equipment allows our engineers to cut complex custom flanges and brackets for one of a kind applications.
Contact your local factory representative or call us direct to find out what GIC can do for you.
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